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Ticketing Information

Are there any charges or fees associated with ticket prices?

CenterTix has some of the lowest fees in the industry.

Because our fees are exactly the same online as they are over the phone and at our box office, you can choose the most convenient shopping option for your busy lifestyle.

Current fee information.

How do I forward mobile tickets to a friend?

The link to forward a mobile ticket to a friend is on each mobile ticket.

Following the "forward to a friend" link opens a new window that displays each ticket that is eligible for forwarding. Check all the tickets that you want to forward to the same email address and enter the destination email address. Press send. It's that easy.

Please be sure to enter the recipient's address correctly. Alerting your friend in advance that you are sending the ticket is recommended. Tickets that are not received due to full inboxes or address errors cannot be resent.

I am having trouble buying tickets online. What should I try?

We are always working to improve any issues that arise.

Please see if the following is able to help you with your issues. Please let us know if you run across an issue not listed below and we will work to find a resolution.

I cannot select my seats online. What should I try?

CenterTix.net is compatable with all standard internet browsers. Whether you use Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera, you should be able to navigate the site successfully. If you are having difficulties, please check for any available software updates. Some personal browser settings can also interrupt functionality.

To take advantage of all the features of CenterTix.net, please be sure that your browser is configured to enable popup windows and to accept cookies.

If all else fails, we recommend using a different browser.

I am losing tickets in my shopping cart. What is happening?

If problems occur when purchasing tickets or logging into CenterTix.net, then the cookie settings are set at too high of a level. In order to fix this, enable the cookies in your Internet browser.

I can't use my tickets. How do I get a refund?

All ticket sales through CenterTix are final. Refunds are only available for cancelled performances.

If you are unable to use your tickets you may still have several options available to you:

  • Donate the tickets back to the event presenter. Tickets to events presented by most non-profit arts organizations (e.g. Anchorage Concert Association, Anchorage Symphony Orchestra, etc.) can be donated back to the presenting organization. Call CenterTix at 263-ARTS for more information.
    Donation Form

  • Resell the tickets - Alaska has no statutes banning the resale of tickets.
  • Gift the tickets - Gifting the tickets to someone else will show your friends and family how much you care as well as put a smile on someone's face.
  • Exchange the tickets. Many tickets are eligible for exchange. Please call CenterTix at 263-ARTS (1-877-ARTS-TIX outside Anchorage) to see if your tickets are eligible for an exchange. Exchange fees will apply.
    Exchange Form

I cannot remember my password, what should I do?

CenterTix can send you a password reset email.

If you cannot remember your password, enter your email address in the appropriate field of the "My Account" page and click the "Forgot your Password?" link located next to the login button. A password reset email will be sent to you. Please contact centertix@alaskapac.org for additional help.

I didn't receive my confirmation email (or my electronic tickets). What should I do?

Check your spam mail or junk mail folder. For GCI accounts, check your Mail Guard.

If you purchased your tickets online, you can log into your account here.

From your account, you can download your tickets directly from the website.

Call CenterTix at 907-263-ARTS (1-877-ARTS-TIX outside Anchorage) or email us at CenterTix@alaskapac.org. Please have your order number ready if possible. We can double-check the email address provided during the purchase process and resend the confirmation.

I have a youth ticket but an adult is going to use it instead. Is this OK?

Please bring the ticket to the box office so we may exchange the ticket to reflect the adult price and include the Municipality of Anchorage fee.

The MOA requires that all adults pay this fee. The difference in the total price of the ticket will also be collected at the time of the exchange.

I received my confirmation email, but my tickets were supposed to arrive by email, too. Where are they?

The confirmation email contains a link to access your tickets.

  • For Smartphone tickets, the link is located above the billing information and reads "Mobile Tickets." From your smartphone, follow this link to download your tickets. Each ticket has a unique barcode in the center.
  • For Print@Home tickets, the link reads "Click Here to Print Your Tickets." Follow this link to open an Adobe PDF file. Print this entire document (one page per ticket). Each ticket has a unique barcode in the center of the page.

Please call us at 907-263-ARTS (1-877-ARTS-TIX outside Anchorage) if you cannot see these links or did not receive your confirmation email.

I clicked the link to print my tickets but nothing happened.

Adobe Reader may not be installed or it may not have the latest version of the software. Adobe Reader is free and you can download it at www.adobe.com (click on the "Get Adobe Reader" button on the left of your confirmation email).

I received my electronic tickets and printed/downloaded them. Now how do I get to my seats?

As long as your tickets have a barcode on them and you have one bar code per person in your party, you can go right into the theatre! An usher will scan the tickets at the door. (Remember to keep your tickets ready for the next usher to help you find your seats!)

My tickets were lost or stolen. What should I do?

CenterTix will happily reprint tickets and hold them at Will Call -- there is a $1.00 per ticket fee for this service.

Please contact us by email or telephone with as much of the following information possible:

  • order number
  • place of purchase
  • name of the purchaser
  • payment information (e.g. credit card number, payment total, etc.)
  • event purchased including day, date and time
  • number of tickets purchased
  • approximate seat location purchased

Once we find a matching transaction in our database, the lost tickets will be reprinted and placed in will call for you.

What is a single ticket?

A single ticket is a ticket purchased for a single performance or event.

What is a subscription ticket?

A subscription ticket is part of a package of tickets purchased simultaneously as a special promotion.

A subscription package usually consists of tickets to three or more shows presented by the same organization (e.g. the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra). Usually these tickets are sold at a discount and come with additional subscriber benefits. Not all promoters offer subscription tickets.

What is Will Call?

Choose "Will Call" if you would like to pick up your tickets rather than having them delivered via mail or email.

Will Call tickets may be picked up at the Center box office prior to the day of the show during regular business hours; or at the performance venue within 1 hour of curtain. If you choose the latter, please try to arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes prior to curtain to avoid waiting in long lines. Remember, an ID is required to pick up tickets.

Why do I have to show my ID when I pick up tickets?

We want to make sure that the person who purchased the tickets is the one who receives the tickets. Exceptions can be made by contacting CenterTix Management staff prior to the event at 907-263-ARTS (1-877-ARTS-TIX outside Anchorage).

Someone else is picking up my Will Call tickets. What do I need to do so they won't have any problems getting the tickets?

We can leave Will Call tickets under an alternate name only at the request of the credit card holder. Please either call 907-263-ARTS (1-877-ARTS-TIX outside Anchorage) and ask for the manager on duty, or email us in advance of the performance to make the change.

My tickets are waiting for me at Will Call. How early should I arrive to claim my tickets?

We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to the performance to claim tickets as there may be a long line of people waiting to purchase or pick up their tickets as well. You may also pick up your tickets before the day of the show at the Center box office during regular business hours.

I purchased my tickets through CenterTix but the performance is in another venue. Where and when should I pick up my Will Call tickets?

Usually, Will Call tickets will be available at the venue at least 60 minutes prior to curtain time. Exceptions will be posted on the performance description. Before the performance date, tickets are available for pickup at the Center box office during regular business hours. Check the event description or call 907-263-ARTS (1-877-ARTS-TIX outside Anchorage) for more detailed information about any performance.

Where can I buy tickets?

CenterTix sells tickets online at CenterTix.net, at the box office of the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts and over the phone at 263-ARTS.

There is a box office in both main lobbies of the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts.

During regular business hours and during performances in the Discovery Theatre, Sydney Laurence Theatre or Elvera Voth Hall, CenterTix opens the box office in the Carr-Gottstein Lobby which faces 6th Avenue next to Kaladi Brothers (across from Humpys). Just look for the doors on the south side of the building with the big white CenterTix X

For performances in the Atwood Concert Hall, CenterTix opens the box office in the Lorene Harrison Lobby which faces Town Square Park. Entrances to this lobby are off both 5th and 6th Avenue at F Street. The Lorene Harrison Lobby box office opens 90 minutes before Atwood performances.

Why am I having problems processing my Credit Card?

If you are having trouble completing your order, please contact us. We want to help.

The following explains various issues that might arise when you attempt to purchase your tickets.

When I click “Place Order” I am returned to the “Checkout” screen. Is the order complete?

Successful orders end with an “Order Placed” screen that clearly states that “Your order is complete.” Several different situations could prevent an order from finishing. Please read the error message printed in red text at the top of the “Checkout” screen for specific information. If any one of the following messages appear, please do not attempt to finish the order again without updating your information.

Address verification (street address) failed. The Billing Street Address must match the street address on your Credit Card Statement.

Address Verification (Zip Code) failed. The Billing Adress Zip Code must match the Zip Code on your Credit Card Statement.

Credit Card Declined.

What security checks does CenterTix perform during checkout?

For your security, shopping on CenterTix requires successful passage of several security checks. Among other things, these checks include: 1) Street Address, 2) Zip Code, 3) CVV2 Number and 4) Expiration Date. CenterTix cannot see any of this confidential information as it appears on your account with your lender. When you click “Place Order,” CenterTix encrypts the information provided during checkout and sends it to your lender who then replies whether this information matches the confidential information on file in your account. CenterTix will not complete an order if any information does not match. In the case of both successful and unsuccessful security matches, your lender holds sufficient funds from your account to complete the order.

Is the security information case-sensitive?

Credit card security checks are not case-sensitive (any combination of uppercase and lowercase letters can pass security checks). Please do not attempt to finish an order multiple times with changes only to the lettering case as each attempt will both fail and tie up funds.

Why does your site require these security measures when other sites do not?

CenterTix is very concerned about credit card fraud. Due to the time-sensitive nature of event ticketing, any attempt to identify fraudulent charges must be made as soon as possible. Fraudulent charges that are reversed after an event performs penalize either the facility that settled the event with the artist or the non-profit organization that presented the event. Because of our stringent security, we have prevented ten of thousands of dollars in fraudulent purchases annually.

Why was my credit card charged multiple times for the same order?

If an attempt to buy tickets fails for any reason, the funds associated with that attempt remain in a pending status on the account associated with the credit card. Pending transactions automatically clear from the account within several business days of the attempted charge. During that time, these funds are not available.  Only the funds associated with orders that were successfully completed actually post to the credit card account. You can check your successfully completed orders by logging onto My Account.

Why do babies need tickets?

For most events, babies need tickets to enter the theatre.

Parents may hold children younger than two (2) years on their laps. Exceptions are determined on a show-by-show basis by the event's promoter. The Center strongly recommends that children six (6) and younger not be brought to the Center except for family events specifically described as such by the event's promoter. When young children come to an event at the theatre, the accompanying adult is responsible for making sure the youngster does not disturb the patrons seated nearby. Contact alternate venues to inquire about their policy regarding admitting babies and young children.

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